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    Regional Racial Justice Liaison

    国际赌城下注官网 is pleased to announce that we have been successful in securing federal project funding from Heritage Canada through their Anti-Racism Action Program. These funds will be used over the next 15-months to support a series of activities and initiatives that we have developed to support racial justice across the Union – within our regions, Locals and community.

    国际赌城下注官网 is currently seeking five Racial Justice Liaisons, one per region (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies/Territories, British Columbia) to provide project support and coordination and help our regional and national teams in implementing our anti-racism action plan.

    This is a great chance for 国际赌城下注官网 members to work closely with Boards, Regional Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Committees, Regional Equity Committees and the National Human Rights Department. Regional Racial Justice Liaisons will be working directly to support the development of an anti-racism program that will drive organizational change and make lasting impacts for Black, Indigenous and people of colour within both the union and our communities.

    This is an exciting opportunity for a Black, Indigenous or worker of colour who is looking to learn new skills, increase their involvement and engagement within the Union and Locals, develop their leadership capacity, network and contribute to positive social change and racial justice.

    Position Requirements

    • Identify as Black, Indigenous, Aboriginal or a worker of colour;
    • Available for 6-month contract;
    • Interested in working on a national team to develop anti-racism policies, practices, education and training and foster local community partnerships;
    • Work closely with 国际赌城下注官网 Regional Executive Boards, Human Rights Department and Regional Equity Committees;
    • Participate in online forums with 国际赌城下注官网 members, leaders and community partners;
    • Identify and bring forward policy recommendations and program initiatives to our anti-racism working group.

    国际赌城下注官网 wants to ensure that we provide an equal opportunity for all applicants.  Please feel free to make any accommodation requests if needed throughout this process.  Please send your application to @email by 4:00pm, Monday, February 15th, 2021 and indicate the job title and the Region you are applying to in the subject line.

    For more information, please contact Christine Maclin, 国际赌城下注官网 Human Rights Director at