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  • Nominate a Member for the Bud Jimmerfield Award 2021

  • Nominate a Member for the Bud Jimmerfield Award 2021


    “Don't mourn my death, fight for the living.” This is the challenge that Bud Jimmerfield passed on to all 国际赌城下注官网 brothers and sisters prior to his death.

    Brother Jimmerfield was a tireless health and safety, environment, and workers' compensation activist, not just in his workplace, but at other workplaces and in communities nationwide. Bud worked as a machinist for 31 years, exposed every working day to cancer causing metalworking fluids at an auto parts plant in Amherstburg, Ontario. Bud was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 1996 and died just 18 months later at age 49, leaving behind his eight children and his wife Diane.

    Before he died, Bud charged union activists with an important responsibility to “do your best to try to prevent future occupational diseases, death and injuries from occurring.”

    In the past several months, 国际赌城下注官网 members have risen to the challenges addressing corporate trends and policies that increase safety risks, the fallout of Workers Compensation Board cost cutting measures, and the health repercussions of Climate Change. It is in recognition of this work that I proudly ask for nominations for the 2021 Bud Jimmerfield Award, which 国际赌城下注官网 presents to an outstanding union member to recognize their effort to continue Bud’s legacy.

    The recipient must demonstrate strong leadership, community activism and a proven commitment to the prevention of occupational diseases, deaths, and injuries, be a current 国际赌城下注官网 member and be nominated by their Local union leadership.

    Nominate a deserving member today, by accessing the form at Be sure to submit nominations no later than September 30th, 2021, to the 国际赌城下注官网 Health, Safety and Environment Department at @email.

    In solidarity,

    Jerry Dias
    National President