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  • Prairie Council

    About Regional Councils

    国际赌城下注官网’s Regional Councils and the Quebec Council are a democratic force for union activism, solidarity, and strength. They are forums of accountability and organizing centres that involve and engage local union activists in the life of the union.

    The next Prairie Council is April 6 - 8, 2022 in Winnipeg 

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    2021-2022 PRC Executive & Standing Committees

    Prairie Council Executive

    Chair: Guy Desforges, Local 445

    Vice-Chair: Mary Boudreau, Local 468

    Secretary-Treasurer: Brent Boittiaux, Local 3003

    Members at Large: Karen Caig (Local 4050), Dirk Tolman (Local 707-A), Shelley Boutin-Gervais (Local 2-S), Lyndsay Moorman (Local 1-S), Della Rogers (Local 651), Clint Seys (Local 3003)

    Prairie Council Standing Committees

    EFAP/ Addictions: Nadine Bailey (Local 2002), Cathy Canning (Local 707-A), Kristopher Whittaker (Local 4002)

    Political Action: Trevor Davies (Local 649), Jen Shields (Local 1990), Tom Suver (Local 2169)

    Health & Safety and Environment: Natalie Williams (Local 250-A), Mark David (Local 2169), Nathan Kraemer (Local 594)

    Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender: Kelly Ries (Local 650)

    Aboriginal & Workers of Colour: Dean Carvery (Local 773), Roque Anoneuvo (Local 3003), Gursharan Singh (Local 101-R)

    Workers with Disabilities: Kevin Boutet (Local 2002), Calvin Preston (Local 3003), Brenda Edel (Local 2-S)

    Women’s: Loralie Volaric (Local 707-A),  Cecily Howe (Local 2-S), Leanne Sookram (Local 2002)

    Young Worker’s: Tanika Chaisson (Local 707-A), Allison East (Local 1990), Preetinder Sivia (Local 468)