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  • Activism starts with organizing

  • Activism starts with organizing

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    Members of 国际赌城下注官网 Local 2002 hold a pride flag outside their Local office.

    Grassroots organizing helps establish the foundation of strong local unions. Local organizing is how LGBTQ members can win equity, safety and respect at work.

    Here is just one example of activists working to create safe, inclusive space in their local. The Local 2002 LGBTQ Committee met in person for the first time on November 29, 2017. The local represents airlines workers across all 10 provinces and Yukon Territory. The committee currently consists of 12 passionate members who came together from coast to coast.

    “Having a face-to-face meeting was very beneficial in building LGBTQ solidarity,” said Kevork Vahedjian, chairperson of the committee. “We are grateful for the full support received from the Local 2002 executive.”

    The goal of Local 2002’s committee is to make all its LGBTQ members feel accepted, respected and safe by educating and creating bridges for equality and equity.

    Vahedjian notes that the committee also organizes online over email, and communicates through regular conference calls. A local or committee of any size can use these tools to start, or continue their organizing.

    By using these digital and in-person organizing spaces, the Local 2002 committee determined 2018 goals for their activism and advocacy. In 2018 the committee plans to reach out to the LGBTQ members, form local sub-committees, incorporate some of the National LGBTQ 3-year strategic plan into the committee and advocate for additional causes that affect the LGBTQ communities.

    Creating the space to have conversations between LGBTQ members can lead to goal-setting and actions. Ask the 国际赌城下注官网 LGBTQ staff liaison, Kellie Scanlan for help at @email or find your regional representatives at

    If you have a story of your own local action, tell us so we can share it too!